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How to Choose a Medical Cleaning Company

How to Choose a Medical Cleaning Company

What should you look for in a commercial cleaning crew? Here are some criteria to consider.

Any healthcare facility has the high responsibility and aim of maintaining cleanliness. To uphold a high standard of sanitation, one needs a medical cleaning company one can count on. Below are some guidelines on what to know before hiring a medical cleaning company.


There is little more powerful than word of mouth. References and reviews can tell you a lot about what the quality of a commercial cleaning company is. You should also be able to ask your potential cleaning crew for referrals freely.


Ask them about their management and how they do their work. Learn what they do to clean a medical facility and what they offer. You want to know what you are getting, after all. Plus, you will want to know how strong their management is and what their sources are.


Know that the company you choose has the commercial cleaning licenses they need to perform these services in your local and state communities. Having the proper licenses is an essential qualification.


There may also be certificates that your medical cleaning company has. For example, a cleaning service might have a diversity certification that shows that they source their materials from a variety of suppliers, which is beneficial for both the company and you.


Liability insurance is another must-have for your medical cleaning service. If a cleaning crew member gets injured on the job, that company needs liability insurance so that your group does not suffer from it. 

Background Checks

Know that the cleaning service screens their crew before hiring them. You will want to have this peace of mind for yourself and your healthcare workers when the cleaning crew comes to disinfect the facility. It is always important to work with people you can trust.

The Service Agreement

Lastly, read the service agreement carefully. Whatever contract you sign, always understand every sentence completely before committing to it. If you have any questions, never hesitate to reach out to the cleaning service for clarification. Also, never hire a service out of desperation. It is best to interview several companies and anticipate what services you will need. Whenever you are ready, North Arundel Contracting is here for your healthcare facility cleaning needs!


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