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How Does Smoke Damage Homes?

How Does Smoke Damage Homes?

Smoke damage has bigger effects on your home than you might think!

Smoke damage is one of the most damaging and long-lasting effects of a fire. Even after a relatively small property fire, smoke damage can accumulate and ruin parts of your home. The acidic nature of smoke means that it reacts quite differently to the various surfaces within the home. And, unfortunately, it goes beyond an unpleasant smoky smell. If not treated quickly, smoke damage can permanently set in. Here’s how exactly smoke damages homes and why you should call in professionals to remedy the problem quickly.

Wooden Surfaces

Smoke consists of microscopic particles that can seep into surfaces. Heat from a fire will expand the tiny pores on surfaces to make it easier for the smoke particulate to set in. However, wood is already porous enough to absorb smoke, which makes it imperative to have wooden surfaces and furniture treated and restored immediately after a fire. If left unattended, the tarred black surface that indicates smoke damage can become a permanent stain.


Electronic equipment can malfunction or use more electricity when affected by smoke damage. The microscopic soot and smoke particles flow to the interior and attach to the components within. If left untreated, smoke damage can even lead to another fire incident down the line, as the electronics may overheat.

Metal Surfaces

The acids within smoke act as a corrosive agent for many metal surfaces. The effects of this can range from straight corrosion of the material to tarnishing of the sheen. Plumbing systems specifically need specialized care in this respect. Corrosion in the piping system can lead to water damage down the line, which in turn can lead to mold and mildew growth in the home.


Cloth needs to be cleaned professionally in order to remove the unpleasant smoke smell. Trying to clean cloth in a typical washing machine doesn’t work; in fact, it can lead to the smell setting into the cloth permanently. Clothing with smoke damage can even lead to physical harm through skin irritation over the long term. A professional restoration company can use specialized cleaning agents that are designed to remove the smoke particulate from cloth completely.


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