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Helpful Tips for Minimizing Garbage Disposal Plumbing Problems


north arundel contracting garbage disposal plumbing problems

This article provides helpful tips to reduce garbage disposal plumbing problems.

Most homeowners are prone to deal with plumbing system issues, especially garbage disposal plumbing problems. The fact is, it’s not simple to turn on the garbage disposal to dispose of your trash, and it’s gone. Moreover, homeowners should be cautious about what they dispose of to keep their unit functioning well.

How Does the Garbage Disposal Work?

First of all, there are no blades that chop up the unwanted food into small bits. Instead, metal impellers use massive force to grind waste against a stationary ring. This grinding process breaks down the trash into virtual liquid.

Moreover, turning on the water will flush the particles out of the ring, outside the garbage disposal, and finally, into the wastewater pipe. So, how can you reduce garbage disposal plumbing problems?

What Items Do You Avoid Throwing into the Garbage Disposal?

Fortunately, you can minimize garbage disposal plumbing problems by not disposing of the following essential items:

  • Combustible items
  • Paper, glass, metal, or plastic
  • Animal bones
  • Oil or grease
  • Cigarette butts
  • Expandable food like bread or pasta
  • Fibrous food such as potato peels, onion skins, corn husks, and celery stalks. These foods can entangle around the impellers and provoke the motor to stop functioning.
  • Abrasive cleaning liquids
  • Egg shells and coffee grounds don’t hurt the garbage disposal, but they can gather in the pipes and produce plumbing problems.

Additional Tips

Furthermore, there are other tips to avoid garbage disposal plumbing problems:

  • Run cold water and dispose of small portions of unwanted food into the disposal one time at a time.
  • Also, maintain the water running at least 15 seconds after the grinding process is done, so it flushes out the remaining particles.
  • Lastly, clean your disposal by flushing it with borax and water. In addition, grind up ice cubes and tiny slices of lemons to prevent foul odors.

Call a Pro!

Ultimately, if you plan to repair your garbage disposal on your own, remember that sometimes it’s convenient to replace the entire unit. We recommend trusting the plumbing professionals at North Arundel Contracting with garbage disposal repair, but you can help keep your unit with regular cleanings and unclogging.


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