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Halloween Fire Safety Tips

Halloween Fire Safety Tips

Avoid a fiery Halloween this year by practicing good safety habits!

It is estimated that around 800 residential fires happen every year around Halloween time. One might not think of Halloween as a time when fires are more common, but the sheer amount of decorations and spooky night lights unfortunately do make it a more hazardous time of year. When preparing for Halloween this year, it is always important to remember safety first. Below are a few Halloween fire safety tips to use this year.

Avoid Using Real Candles

First, if you can avoid using real candles with real flames, it is best to do so inside and outside the house. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the country saw 22% of its Halloween fires start in the kitchen and 16% in the living room, more than one might expect for a majorly outdoor event. If the candles are set in a crowded room or high traffic area you cannot control, it is best to use LED candles instead.

Keep Decorations Away from Heat

Another way to practice Halloween fire safety is to keep your outdoor decorations away from heat sources like open flames, light bulbs, and heaters. Be especially careful with flammable objects like cornstalks, haystacks, cinnamon brooms, scarecrows, wooden, cardboard, plastic, and fabric decorations, and organics like pumpkins and squash.

Keep Children Safe

Instruct your children on how to be safe during Halloween activities also. Make sure they know to not go near open flames or too close to artificial heat sources. For lighting, have them use flashlights or glowsticks. Make sure that nothing is obstructing the pathways around and in your home, as to prevent a fire hazard.

Avoid Trailing, Frilly Costumes

Another great way to maintain Halloween fire safety is to choose costumes that limit loose, trailing fabric. Avoid costumes with trains and other elements that could make it hard to stay clear of flammable objects. 

Check up on Smoke Detectors

It isn’t always obvious when a fire starts in or around your home. Particularly for the inside of your house, it is best to keep up to date with your smoke detectors, making sure their batteries are charged and that they are still in good condition. 


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