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Experiencing Water Damage Due to a Lack of Pool Maintenance

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Let’s review how your home can experience water damage due to a lack of pool maintenance.

Do you know why you should maintain your pool? Most pool cleaning and maintenance are preventative naturally. However, what would happen if you didn’t do it? Let’s review how your home can experience water damage due to a lack of pool maintenance.

Expensive Repairs

One of the primary reasons to clean your pool is to save money. Pool cleaning services are worthwhile, especially compared to costly pool repairs. In a neglected pool, debris might build up and clog the drain. An unfixed drain might ultimately weaken and damage the pools’ motors. As a result, this avoidable problem can be expensive. So, you can avoid water damage due to a lack of pool maintenance by completing cleaning practices to prevent buildup, residue, and damaged foundation.

Leaky Pool

Although pools are meant to be watertight, many problems may cause leaks. Some of the shared pool leaks include:

  • Plumbing fittings breaking
  • Seals deteriorate due to lacking routine maintenance
  • Accessories, like light fixtures, breaking or cracking
  • Cracked concrete

It’s essential to understand that you may experience water damage due to a lack of pool maintenance. Failing to address a leak can harm the environment, increase water bills, and worsen the leak over time.

Water Loss Due to Lack of Maintenance

Another sign your pool might leak too much water is wetness around the pool and equipment. If the ground around your pool feels spongey or soggy, you may have excess water in the ground. That could indicate a pool leak. Also, if the ground around or beneath your pump, water heater, or other equipment is wet, that is definitely a leak. You may also seek corrosion or water damage around the connections.

When your pool leaks, it’s vital to repair it promptly. Allowing your pool to leak excessively will cause water damage due to a lack of pool maintenance. Consequently, maintaining your pool with the necessary repairs is more cost effective than waiting for severe damage and significant problems.

Impacts of Water Damage

Water damage to a home or property can be stressful. In particular, water damage due to lack of pool maintenance can travel into your home’s floor joins and drip down electrical wires and hardware. Fortunately, North Arundel Contracting can preserve and restore your property. Call us today at 410-766-2855!


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