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Does Mold Remediation Work?

Does Mold Remediation Work?

Mold remediation is an important topic today amid emergency services and certainly can help your building.

Mold remediation is a hot topic today amid top emergency services for residential and commercial buildings. Mold problems have always been around, but it is only in the last twenty or so years that mold remediation as an industry has developed. Does mold remediation work? Is it truly necessary for your home or business? Here’s a closer look at these issues below.

What Is Mold Remediation?

Mold remediation is the process of removing hazardous mold from a residential or commercial building. One should recognize that mold spores always exist in the air and that 100% removal is not realistic or desirable. On the other hand, remediation removes unwanted mold colonies and focuses on bringing mold back to its normal, non-hazardous level. 

Is Mold Remediation Necessary?

Mold has always existed at some level in buildings over the centuries; is this service really necessary? When mold growth begins to eat away at building materials, it naturally poses a threat to the building’s integrity. 

It could also pose a serious risk to occupants’ health. In commercial buildings, one might experience what’s known as Sick Building Syndrome. Someone might cough, sneeze, and feel fatigued at the office, but once he leaves, the symptoms go away. 

Mold may contain toxins that can significantly injure a person’s health, causing respiratory problems, vertigo, and even brain damage. Should occupants begin to fall sick because of the mold, mold remediation is absolutely necessary.

Finding a Good Mold Remediation Company

Answering the question “Does mold remediation work?” involves more than just explaining the process itself. This service also works because of who is performing it. An experienced, straightforward company is what will make it both work and worth it. Make sure the company can explain the process clearly and simply and lay out the costs in detail. 

Watch out you don’t pay for unnecessary services; if you can see the mold already and can assess what needs to be done, you don’t need testing services. On the other hand, it is best to get at least two quotes to know that you are getting a reasonable deal.

Can Mold “Come Back” After Remediation?

Mold remediation may require sealing a section of your building off and using special equipment to contain the mold and purify the air. You might also need a general contractor (North Arundel Contracting offers both mold remediation and general contracting services!) to replace mold-ridden surfaces. Mold can only come back if one fosters dark, moist building conditions.


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