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Did Your Sump Pump Fail? Seek a Water Damage and Flood Restoration Company

north arundel contracting water damage and flood restoration company

Most often, a water damage and flood restoration company will need to go in and restore your property.

Many Maryland homes have basements, and most of them have at least one sump pump. They are critical if a homeowner has invested money in refinishing their basement or if vital items or furnishings are stored in the basement. But like any equipment piece in your home, it will eventually fail, resulting in flooding or water damage to your basement. So, did your sump pump fail? Then, you should seek a water damage and flood restoration company immediately.

Cause of Sump Pump Failure

A sump pump often fails during a heavy rain period when the pump is overworking to eliminate all the excess water that’s attempting to seep in from the outside. After a sump pump failure, water leaks through the foundation and basement cracks in the cement. In addition, the water will gather in the lowest areas on the basement floor, slowly rising if more water can come in. Most often, a water damage and flood restoration company will need to go in and restore your property.

Call a Professional for Heavy Basement Flooding

If the flooding situation has become severe in your basement and you feel it’s more than you can manage, please call for backup from a water damage and flood restoration company. For instance, North Arundel Contracting in Glen Burnie, Maryland, can do the following:

  • Quickly remove water from your flooded basement with our commercial pumps
  • Move items out of your basement to prevent property damage
  • Eliminate damaged materials like drywall to prevent mold growth or start the mold removal process
  • Also, quickly dry the moisture with commercial dehumidifiers and fans
  • Dry or eliminate soaked carpet
  • Ensure all moisture has been removed

Prevent Basement Flooding Due to Sump Pump Failure

Lastly, if you want to avoid worrying about what may happen if your sump pump fails or you are in a flood-prone area, consider obtaining a basement water pump. This pump type can operate continuously during heavy rain events and eliminate pooling water via a garden hose linked to a sink, tub, or other drain.

Do you have any questions or concerns regarding basement flooding or property damage? Call our water damage and flood restoration company at 410-766-2855!


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