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Water Damage: Consequences of Standing Water

Standing water on your property after a flood is a water damage setback waiting to happen. One of the worst things a can do is wait around before ensuring the quick removal of the standing floodwater. Here are some consequences of standing water on your property.


Floodwater is often contaminated with bacteria and other contaminants. When sewage is in the water, Salmonella and E. coli are specific bacteria types. Even if it is clean in floodwater, bacteria will grow given enough time. So, you must be careful about coming into direct contact with floodwater with bacteria, so you don’t become sick.


One of the consequences of standing water after a flood is mold. In a short time, mold can become problematic, spreading throughout your property. In addition, the health issues stemming from mold growth are typically minor symptoms like a sore throat, cough, irritated skin, sneezing, and red, itchy eyes. In more severe cases, mold has been linked to lung disease and asthma.


Stagnant water will enable viruses to breed. For instance, insects and mosquitos might also carry other viruses. Overall, viruses are a serious concern from stagnant water that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Also, stagnant water can bring prevalent parasites such as Giardia. These might grow in clean water but are common in sewage and gray water.

Moreover, stagnant water can attract insects and rodents that might carry malaria and Zika fever. Additionally, rats, mice, and other small rodents can have various bacteria and diseases. Unfortunately, no one wants to deal with this problem in their home besides water damage.

Foundation Damage

Lastly, structural damage is also one of the consequences of standing water. The exposure to the water may ruin drywall, causing the wood to swell and possibly ruining certain parts of your home, so you must replace it altogether.

As you can see, here are various reasons why allowing standing water to remain on your property after a flood is not ideal. It can also be dangerous. Reach out to a water damage restoration company like North Arundel Contracting to avoid these hazards after a flood. At North Arundel Contracting in Glen Burnie, MD, we use imaging technology to detect moisture inside walls and imaging cameras to locate water sources that start water leaks.


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