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Avoid Spring Water Damage by Knowing the Causes

north arundel contracting spring water damage

The best way to prevent spring water damage from occurring in your home is by protecting it.

Spring in Maryland is lovely, bringing more sun and warm weather. However, you’ll need to watch out for spring water damage. With spring comes the snow melting and heavy rains, leading to basement floods. The best way to prevent spring water damage from occurring in your home is by protecting it. Taking the following measures can assist in safeguarding your property.

Ensure Your Gutters are Clean of Debris

Your gutters will be used more now than during other seasons due to rain and melting snow in the springtime. So, keeping track of unclogging the gutters is crucial before it becomes problematic. A clogged gutter signifies that debris is stuck somewhere inside of them. As a result, this can lead to an overflow that can leak into your basement and foundation.

Avoid spring water damage by cleaning your gutters so they are functioning correctly. If you notice that the gutters or downspouts are damaged in any way, repair or replace them immediately. Being prepared ahead of time can save you hours of expenses and water cleanup.

Maintain a Functioning In-Ground Sprinkler System

If you have invested in a ground sprinkler system, it’s crucial to maintain them to avoid spring water damage. In addition, you’ll need to inspect and clean your sprinkler system before spring comes. If it’s already springtime, you still have time. You can complete this by testing for water leaks and ensuring each sprinkler head works correctly.

When sprinklers are not operating correctly, they remain open and distribute water even when turned off. If they are running correctly, confirm they are distributing the right amount of water. Unfortunately, sprinklers that spray excessive water can develop a pool of water that causes water damage.

Keep an Eye on Your Basement’s Foundation

Did you know that your basement is one of the riskiest rooms for flooding? You must keep an eye on this specific room to avoid spring water damage from happening. In particular, monitor the foundation. Any cracks can let water seep from the ground and into your basement.

Even though you take all the preventative measures, unexpected problems can still happen. However, water damage restoration doesn’t have to be. The water damage restoration professionals at North Arundel Contracting can preserve and restore your property.


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