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5 Signs of Tree Roots Growing in the Plumbing

5 Signs of Tree Roots Growing in Plumbing

Do you have clogging drains or green spots in your yard? Here are the five signs of tree root damage in pipes.

When a tree root gets in your plumbing lines, you can quickly have a serious home disaster. Especially in older homes or homes with concrete or clay pipes, tree roots can draw moisture from weak spots in the plumbing lines and grow into them until a blockage occurs. To know if your home has this problem for sure, consider these five common signs of tree roots growing in the plumbing.

Toilet Problems

One sign of tree roots growing in the plumbing is a toilet that backs up or in which the water drains slowly. If you have clogged pipes that won’t get unclogged, no matter how many times you try, you may have a case of tree roots on your hands. Your toilet may also make strange gurgling noises with such a problem. It is best to call a professional to inspect and handle the issue.


Sinkholes may also form in your yard or around your house as a result of tree root damage. When the roots create larger holes in the pipes, leaking water can seep freely into the ground and make soft spots that eventually hollow out. One must take care when walking around sinkholes, and call for help immediately if there is a possibility for foundation damage. 

Lush Spot in the Yard

When the extra water (and nutrients) flow into the earth, it may also cause lush greenery to spring from the ground in spots. If there is an unusual growth of foliage in your yard, there is probably a water source underground coming from your pipes.


One of the plainest signs for tree roots growing in the plumbing is a foul smell. It would likely show up in your home. If you have rotten odors in your home, tree roots in the drains may be the culprit.

Clogged Drains

Lastly, you may have tree roots in your plumbing if any drains besides the toilet continually clog or drain too gradually. After pouring in drain cleaning products routinely to no avail, there is likely a bigger problem below the surface. Homes that are not only old but ones with large trees nearby as well are at a higher risk of tree root damage. Serving Baltimore, Anne Arundel, Howard, and Queen Anne’s counties, North Arundel Contracting can inspect and service your sewage lines and get your home back on track. 


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