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When Should a Tree Be Removed from a Property?

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When should the decision be made to remove a tree?

When trees develop issues, it can be tough to know how to deal with them. While there are situations where the tree can be remedied with some treatment, removal may sometimes be the only option. And it can be tough to do this, especially for homeowners who may have built an emotional bond with the tree over the years. However, trees can develop fundamental structural issues that can injure people or damage property. Removing a tree from a property should be left to professionals like the ones at North Arundel Contracting. But when should the decision be made to remove a tree? Here are some guidelines.

The Tree Species Isn’t Desirable

Some tree species are undesirable to have due to specific factors. They may be an invasive species that damages or outright destroy the surrounding landscape. Others may have shallow roots that are damaging landscape elements or asphalt paving. If your tree does more harm than good in your landscape, it may be time to remove it to save your property from further damage.

The Tree is Damaged or Diseased

Another common factor for removing a tree is being damaged or struck by the disease. Trees in decline in this way can often survive for several more years but will be afflicted with an unnatural appearance or growth. If at least 50% of the tree is damaged, it should likely be removed.

The Tree Has Severe Trunk Damage

The trunk is one of the foundational elements of the tree, so damage here can be just as lethal to the tree as damage to your home’s foundation is to the house. Look for vertical cracks and large wounds in the trunk area. This may indicate severe damage that will necessitate removal for safety reasons.

The Tree Has Dead Branches on One Side

While dead branches are a cause for worry no matter where they are, extra care should be taken if they are all on one side of the tree. This can lead to a dangerous situation where one side of the tree is unevenly weighted and can lead to a potentially catastrophic toppling if not removed promptly.


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