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Summer Tips for a Healthy Workplace in Glen Burnie, MD

Summer Tips for a Healthy Workplace in Glen Burnie, MD

Keep your office healthy this summer with these cleaning tips.

The weather is slowly warming, and soon spring will turn into summer. As employees come back into the office, everyone is sure to be more concerned about staying healthy while at work. In Maryland, summers are famous for their heat and humidity, and keeping all well within the office has its challenges. Below are some summer tips for a healthy workplace.

Encourage Healthy Habits

The people within an office building or suite can contribute to office health by practicing good habits. For example, one should remember to keep well-hydrated, dress lightly but office-appropriate, and keep their workspace clean. Employers can invite the staff to participate in healthy, catered meals or exercise activities to promote health further.

Adjust for Summer

Summer is also the time for vacations and young workers looking for internships or employment. Adjust your company for the season by enabling flexible hours and extra time off for your employees where applicable. Allow opportunities for students and new graduates looking to learn and contribute to revitalization and assistance for the company. 

Maintain the Air Conditioner

As crucial as people’s activities are inside a building to make a company run, the building itself majorly contributes toward a healthy workplace as well. Commercial HVAC systems need a professional inspection and service twice a year, at minimum, once for the heater and another time for the air conditioner. With so many office dwellers depending on the HVAC for cooling, an annual service is invaluable.

Check on Ventilation

Another part of a healthy workplace is its ventilation. The construction of the building, the HVAC system, and the cleanliness of the office are all components of office ventilation. Having an HVAC technician like North Arundel Contracting can evaluate and service your ventilation to achieve the best indoor air quality possible.

Clean House

As mentioned, keeping the office clean promotes a healthy workplace. Commercial cleaning services provide your business with professional-grade cleanliness, the kind of environment you need to thrive and impress as a company. Commercial cleaning is a huge part of what North Arundel Contracting does. Located in Glen Burnie, Maryland, they provide regular professional cleaning and are equipped with hospital-strength disinfectants. If your office is looking for sanitization service, North Arundel is your go-to trusted company.


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