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Should You Replace Your Carpets After Water Damage?

north arundel contracting Replace Your Carpets After Water Damage

You must determine if you should replace your carpets after water damage.

Before you begin pulling up your carpets after your property has experienced water damage, there are several factors you should consider. Sometimes carpet, rugs, and upholstered furniture can be saved after water damage. So, before considering your carpet a total loss, you must determine if you should replace your carpets after water damage.

How Long Has the Water Damage Been Present in Your Home?

Water damage that has been present for more than 2-3 days will attract mold and other microbial growth. This means that most carpets will be removed and replaced for safety purposes. Water damage will only worsen if it is left untreated. Therefore, you should replace your carpets after water damage has been present for more than 2 days.

How Much Water Was Present?

Moreover, you can properly dry your carpets without replacing them if there are a few spots from water damage. However, it’s not an easy fix if lingering water is covering the whole carpet and soaking through the padding. Plus, soaked carpets and carpet padding will damage the subfloor, so you should replace your carpets after water damage of this type.

Are You Uncertain of the Severity of the Water Damage?

Furthermore, begin to pull up your carpet to examine the padding and subfloor. The water damage was possibly small if the carpet padding and the subfloor were in good shape. A trained restoration company might save your carpets through drying, cleaning, and restoration.

In addition, allow the restoration company to try a professional odor elimination only after removing the water and drying the carpets. Don’t consider your carpets a total loss just because there is a musty odor lingering in your carpets. Plus, professional restoration services from North Arundel Contracting are more successful at salvaging materials from water damage than DIY attempts.

Call a Water Damage Restoration Company!

Ultimately, when you just don’t know what to do, reach out to the water damage restoration professionals at North Arundel Contracting. We can inspect the water damage and provide a plan to restore your belongings and home. In addition, our technicians are competent to handle the most challenging water damage problems for complete remediation.


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