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Roof Repair That’s Hurricane-Proof in MD

Roof Repair That’s Hurricane-Proof in MD

Need roof repair or rebuilding in Maryland? Call North Arundel Contracting!

Maryland is not the most famous for its fierce hurricane storms, but sometimes, it does experience the wrath of an August hurricane or even, in the rarest cases, a hurricane tornado. In Maryland, most are not prepared for this kind of event. Whether you are preparing for the next possible storm or need roof repair that’s hurricane-proof, North Arundel Contracting has you covered.

Keep It Well-Maintained

It is highly important that your roof is in good condition long before a hurricane even approaches. One of the best ways to prepare your roof for a hurricane and avoid needing roof repair is to maintain it. This means simple tasks like cleaning the gutters and making any repairs or replacements when necessary.

Perform a Roof Inspection

Maintenance also entails a regular roof inspection. Roof inspections are most accurate with professional guidance; plus, you won’t have to climb the roof or reach the attic! One needs to take a detailed look at the roof both outside and inside the house. Deteriorating shingles, warped parts, and leaks all require immediate repairs for a safer home or building.

Have a Good Design

The design of your roof can also be more or less hurricane-proof. Hip roofs are actually more wind-resistant than the popular gable roof, as their additional sides and pyramidal shape allow wind to pass over more easily than the gable’s tent shape. If you are looking to redesign or rebuild your roof, work with an architect or builder to get the best design.

Using Durable Materials

Shingle and metal roofing are both popular and effective choices for roofing materials in Maryland’s hurricane-prone areas. The type of metal roofing you choose may depend on whether you live in a coastal area or not. Even so, metal roofs are proven to be fantastic for withstanding up to 180 mph winds and avoid the problem of shingles flying off.

Consider Metal Clips

One of the most prevalent roof problems in storms is roofs flying off of their roof decks, the wooden structure underneath the topmost layer. Metal clips that hold the roof deck to the rest of the house are worth considering, especially if you are replacing your roof entirely. If you need any roof repair at all in Maryland, whether commercial or residential, North Arundel Contracting is at your service!


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