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Managing a Sewage Damage Cleanup in Your Home

north arundel contracting sewage damage

Dealing with sewage damage in your home might just be a homeowner’s worst nightmare.

Dealing with sewage damage in your home might just be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Not only is it unsightly and unpleasant, but it poses a serious health risk as well. As a result, it becomes increasingly important to tackle sewage damage effectively and efficiently. Here are some helpful tips when it comes to cleaning up sewer damage with ease.

Safety First

Protecting yourself and your family should be the top priority when it comes to sewer damage. Sewage water contains seriously harmful bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens that can be toxic. The reality is, before you attempt any cleanup efforts, it’s crucial to prioritize safety. Wear protective work gear such as boots, gloves, and face masks to prevent exposure to contaminated water. This helps ensure that all your family members, including pets, are kept away from the affected area.

Assess The Extent Of The Damage

Once you’ve ensured your safety, it’s time to assess the extent of the damage. Take stock of affected areas, including walls, floors, furniture, and belongings, and document any visible signs of sewage contamination. Pay attention to areas with standing water or foul odors, as these are likely indicators of sewage backup.

Act Quickly

You want to mitigate any further damage by acting as quickly as possible. Sewer damage cleanup requires swift and immediate action. This prevents further damage from occurring — potentially saving your walls, floors, or furniture. Begin by removing standing water using pumps, wet vacuums, or buckets and dispose of contaminated materials properly. Thoroughly clean and disinfect affected surfaces using EPA-approved disinfectant to eliminate harmful bacteria and prevent mold growth.

Seek Professional Assistance

Sewage damage cleanup should be left to the professionals. DIY attempts might be a quick solution they are temporary. Professionals will not only properly clean up the sewer damage, but they will also advise on the best ways to prevent sewer damage from occurring in the first place.


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