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Flood Damage Clean Up in in White Marsh

Flood Damage Clean Up in in White Marsh

Attention all White Marsh homeowners! Are you in need of flood damage clean up?

Attention all White Marsh homeowners! Are you in need of flood damage clean up? If you are, then you should contact North Arundel Contracting for emergency help. Floods don’t only happen because of intense storms or rising rivers. Sometimes the plumbing in your White Marsh home will go haywire and fill your basement with water. And then that water will spread to other parts of the house if left unattended. So what else can you do?

How to Approach Flood Damage Clean Up

Once the flooding has stopped, even for the time being, you need to make sure it’s safe to proceed. You might have to take your family and stay in a hotel or with relatives, depending on the extent of the flood damage clean up that you will require. However, here are some helpful pointers to keep in mind:

  • Look out for rats, snakes, and bugs that might have come into your home. These critters can all be dangerous, even if they seem cute rather than threatening.
  • Check for gas leaks, cracks in your foundation, or damaged utility lines.
  • Make sure the power and water utilities are shut off unless doing so would expose to a shock hazard in a pool of water.

If you see that the house is unsteady, don’t go inside. Don’t let anyone else enter the home either. Likewise, if floors and ceilings seem to be on the verge of collapses, it’s another safety concern. Don’t use anything that needs electricity to run, even if it’s just a light.

Tips for Getting Started

  • Make sure any running water you have access to is safe for human consumption.
  • Flush all the toilets.
  • Get rid of any debris you see.
  • Open doors and windows to improve indoor ventilation.

Don’t Hesitate

You shouldn’t hesitate to call for expert assistance. Although there is plenty you can do to handle flood damage clean up, sometimes it just isn’t safe for a White Marsh homeowner to do everything by themselves. That’s why the friendly professionals at North Arundel Contracting are standing by and are ready, willing, and able to do anything and everything it takes to clear up the damage from the flood and help put your house back in order. If you are worried about insurance outcomes, you may need the help of contractors, even if it is just for a consultation!


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