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5 Easy Ways to Renovate Your Hagerstown Home this Spring

5 Easy Ways to Renovate Your Hagerstown Home this Spring

Home remodeling doesn’t have to stress you out.

Home remodeling doesn’t have to stress you out. In fact, it can be fun, and even easy, with the right ideas. Here are five ways to renovate your Hagerstown home this spring.

Fresh Paint

One project that won’t cost you too much money is to add a fresh coat of paint to your living space. You can even take this opportunity to bring new energy to your home by changing the colors that are currently on the walls. If you’d like to introduce a more calming atmosphere, try some neutral tones. You could also go bold and energize the room with bright colors. It’s also a project that you don’t need a professional to do well. Take some time over a weekend, cover your furniture, and turn painting into quality bonding time for the whole family.

Crown Molding

Crown molding is a simple way to enhance the elegance and style of any room. Crown molding is also a sought-after feature that will even increase the value of your Hagerstown home. Dealing with crown molding is also a project that you can complete easily on your own as the molding is typically lightweight and easy to cut. Plus, you’ll only need a joint compound to install it.

Stair Runner

If the stairs inside your Hagerstown home are made of hardwood, they could present a slipping hazard. Young children and older folks are especially vulnerable to slipping. To combat the tripping hazard, all you need to do is install a stair runner. Measure your steps from top to bottom to get an idea of how long your runner will need to be. Not only will it make the steps safer, but it will also add a fun pop of visual interest with some color or appealing patterns.


Save yourself time and money by buying and installing a new dishwasher. Many homeowners and potential homebuyers find dishwashers to be convenient appliance that can enhance your quality of life at home. Spend more time enjoying your meals with your family rather than washing dishes in the sink. Studies show that you will save up to 500 gallons of water per year by using a dishwasher.

Exterior Lighting

Brighten up the outside of your home by installing new lighting near the entry of your home. It will make your home both safer and more secure as thieves and trespassers prefer homes that are dark and look neglected. Using a hanging lantern or chandelier for this purpose will add some stunning charm to the exterior of your Hagerstown home’s design as well


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