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3 Signs You Need Mold Remediation in Your Basement

3 Signs You Need Mold Remediation in Your Basement

If you have any of these issues in your basement, you may need mold remediation!

For many homeowners, it can be difficult to know whether or not your home needs mold remediation, especially if your basement is finished. A finished basement is often the highlight of a homeowners household, whether you’re using it as an entertaining space or just a relaxing area for the family to unwind in after a long day. However, mold hiding in a basement is harmful to the entire wellbeing of your family and needs to be remedied. North Arundel Contracting is fully licensed and accredited to provide mold remediation services to homeowners. Here are three signs that you need mold remediation in your basement before you decide to get in contact with us.

You Might Need Mold Remediation if You’ve Experienced Water Damage or Leakages

Do you frequently experience water damage or leakages in your basement? Have you noticed that rainy days cause your basement walls to weep or noticeable trickles of water into your basement? If so, you might need mold remediation. Mold grows in a household through water intrusion mingled with organic material, which can be drywall in a house or other elements found in the foundation of a home. Through a thorough inspection and air quality test, North Arundel Contracting can determine whether you need mold remediation services. 

You’ve Found Off-Colored Stains On Your Walls or Floors

Sometimes, homeowners can spot mold with their own eyes on their walls or floors. Take a peek at the floors throughout your basement, finished walls in your basement, baseboards, and surfaces. Do you see visible, off-colored stains that are either light orange, tinted yellow, or green? If so, these stains might possibly be signs of mold spores growing within your basement. It’s best to contact North Arundel Contracting to get to the bottom of your basement dilemma if there’s no other logical explanation for the stains. 

Your Basement Smells Damp and Musty

Sometimes, homeowners think that a damp and musty smell is normal for a basement. However, a damp and musty smell that permeates a basement is actually anything but normal — and it’s often an indication of a mold problem within a household. Additionally, this particular area of your basement may cause allergy-like symptoms for family members, resulting in frequent coughing or wheezing that is unexplained. Ultimately, hidden mold can be incredibly dangerous and needs to be addressed immediately for the health of your family. Contact North Arundel Contracting today for mold remediation services!


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