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Chuck – 10/10/2019

Devin, thanks for taking care of the water damage in my condo.

Late on a Sunday evening a serious water leak developed in the condo above mine that flooded my bathroom and the bathroom in the condo below mine.

Your restoration crew arrived the next morning and got the wet material out and readied the apartment for repairs.

The repairs were well done and my tenant is back in her unit and very happy that the work is over.


Scott – 9/1/2019

I really appreciate the professional attitude of Devin and his crew for the restoration work done to my condo that had a water leak into the master bedroom. They went above and beyond what was necessary to insure that everything was fixed and looking good. I’m very satisfied.


Tom and Alice Emert – 8/27/2019


This is a note of recognition for Tim Ajello on a job well done.

We had a water emergency at our condo this week. Tim showed up to help rectify the situation, which was tense, chaotic, and not straightforward at all. It required Tim to carefully and thoroughly proceed until the cause of the water leak was identified and corrected, he did a great job.

Tim represented the company well, and because of him, we will recommend NA to others we know…thanks Tim !


Cesar Payano – 7/25/2019

Devin and his team completed a project on our unit in mid March of 2019. Devin went above and beyond the call of duty to perform the needed repairs in a timely manner. There were some hold ups with the HOA approving the repairs that impacted the time frame in which the job was completed in its entirety. This was all prior to Devin getting involved and seeing the severity of the issue and the situation my family and I were in. My wife was 8 months pregnant and we did not want to welcome our newborn to a home under repair (dust/construction noise/strangers walking in and out of the house). I truly thank Devin for helping us out and appreciate his professionalism and communication throughout that whole tedious process.


Craig coxen – 7/17/2019

I would like to take this opportunity to convey to you how thouroughly satisfied i am with the repair work done by Dustin Thompson and his team. My damaged unit required wallboard repair, painting and carpeting. The work was excellent and done in a very professional manner. Communication with Dustin was excellent. He responded to texts very quickly and was responsive to every question/concern i had. The painters did a wonderful job. They were very precise in their work. The wallboard and trim repair was flawless. I could not tell that the wallboard and trim had been cut away in places. The carpeting team was equally as impressive. The work was done in one day and included carpeting most of the unit and replacing flooring in the foyer and kitchen. I also appreciate the speed with which Mike and his team responded to my unit immediately after the flooding. Mike was at the unit within an hour of my reporting the incident. His team was at my unit the next morning to remove saturated carpeting and wallboard and trim. His estimator was there a day later. Overall, very impressive all around


Dustin – 7/12/2019

I am writing this letter regarding Dustin, NAC, it was very easy to feel the way I feel regarding Dustin. It is hard to put it in words. So here goes, Dustin work ethics are great, he is definitely a people person. He made my situation important, because he knew this is what I needed each time we talked. He knew that when situation were not going in my favor, he knew how to soften the blow. Dustin made things so easy that there was no room for me to get upset and say a few ugly words.

When I get off the phone with Dustin, I feel much better about my situation, because I felt that he had it under control and he will get the job done. That’s just who he is. This whole mess been going on since February 12th, Dustin came in late but he came in with a BANG!

He got my attention, by being gentle, respectful, and knowledgeable of the situation. I truly felt that Dustin is and was concern about my situation. I got updates when something were not going as expected. He never left me in the dark.

Although, I don’t know what position Dustin holds in NAC, but I do know that higher ups tend to say they are just doing their job, yes, that true, but it’s more to just doing your job. I feel that Dustin really likes his job at NAC, if he didn’t, how could he be so kind to me. Employees like Dustin should be appreciate and not taken for grant. Take note we should have more people like Dustin in the world.


Jack Albright – Marriottsville – 5/29/2019

North Arundel did a very nice job on my unit and I am happy with it. Greg Falter was always easy to work with and coordinated everything with the other contractors.


Robin Browne – 6/4/2019

The job was completed to my satisfaction. I also appreciate the courtesy and manner in which both contractors that did the work cleaned up behind themselves and covered my personal belongings so as not to damage anything. Thank you as well Greg for your response to my questions during the initial inspection and work assessment and following up to ensure the work was completed.


The Arthur’s – 5/30/2019

Nick, my husband and I would just like to say thank you for the amazing job you and your team from NAC had done on are home. As you know this was our first home purchase and was previously owned by my grandparents for 60+years. You turned our home into exactly what we wanted and needed, and was able to do so within our budget. It’s beautiful and we have had so many compliments! Thank you for being easy to work with, for responding to our many questions, phone calls and text messages throughout the process and for making us feel heard with any concerns or needs. I also wanted to acknowledge and say thank you for expressing your opinions and ideas along the way, as a first time home owner and being clueless you continued to explain and walk us through each step and process and gave us great advice on picking items out for the final touches of this project. All in all the house turned out great and we are really happy to be finally calling it home!

Bill, thank you for working along side nick and I and getting things done it has been a pleasure working with you and Jesse!


Marguerite Moran – 5/30/2019

Mike and Frank are both assets to your company.

While Mike and Frank are very professional, they go the extra mile to be helpful and pleasant.

After speaking and meeting with Mike and Frank, I am left with the feeling that my finished project will be “Well Done.”


Stephanie Orendorf – 5/01/2019

My name is Stephanie Orendorf. In August of 2018, my kitchen sustained considerable water damage due to a faulty dishwasher. When NAC was finally hired to repair my unit, the project manager rallied to help us & make living at our house tolerable. He got the guys together and got us a working sink/disposal, which we had lived without for months. All of the guys were so helpful and professional! They worked hard & they worked long hours to get us taken care of as soon as possible. Words can’t convey how grateful & thankful my family and I are to them! They did a wonderful job and I’m looking forward to calling on them in the future to help with anything else that needs to be taken care of in our home. Thank you NAC!


Ruth – 3/08/2019

I contracted NAC to oversee the repairs to my home after water damage from a burst pipe. NAC thoroughly informed me of every detail from replacing, installing kitchen and bathroom cabinets, countertops, backsplash, and floors. Devin oversaw the project and kept me informed of every detail. Devin is extremely polite and pleasant to work with his knowledge helped me make decisions on the repairs. My kitchen, bathroom, and hallway look amazing.


Mike Curtis – SRV – 3/08/2019

I wanted to take a minute to thank Dustin Thompson and his team for a job well done on making the repairs/restoration to my unit. Both upstairs bathrooms were affected by the roof leak and it certainly wasn’t a simple task. However, Dustin’s team did a remarkable job and it looks better than it did when it was brand new almost 9 years ago. The guys who performed the work were prompt, courteous, skilled, and didn’t leave a mess behind when they finished.

As a board member for SRV, it was nice to see firsthand the type of work that NAC is performing.


Nancy Demme – Dear North Arundel Contracting Company – 3/08/2019

I am the owner of a condo located at 1016 Murdoch Court, Crofton. I purchased the condo, which had been totally renovated on August 10 and my renters moved in on September 10, 2018. While moving in they noticed what appeared to be mold on the baseboard and up the wall in the corner of the bedroom. The condo association had North Arundel Contracting come out to assess the problem – I believe both Rob and Dustin came out and explained that there was a leak behind the wall. Rob sent the report to the Condo Assoc rep immediately and he authorized the repair work and told me I could work directly with NAC.

Your reps worked with me for about a 5 months to resolve the problem – my main point of contact was Devin. NAC tore out the drywall and the insulation which was soaked – they made several attempts to locate where the water was coming in from and made several effort to stem the leak, after each repair they would need to access the unit to do a water test – it took several tries to pinpoint the leak and to get it fixed and even after they thought it was fixed, they asked to wait for one more natural rain to ensure there was no more water coming in before insulating and sealing the wall again. I thought that was a great idea – since sealing up the wall only to find the water had found another way to seep in would have been horrible.

During this entire time, Devin did an excellent job of keeping me apprised of what was going on. I had to make several trips to Crofton from Olney, MD, which is about a 45 minute ride each way, but Devin and his crew made it bearable. Devin was always professional, courteous and flexible, as was his crew – he would reach out the night before by text to see when I could be there to give them access to the condo, because unfortunately my renters are young with full-time jobs and they don’t have much leave – so I had to meet them. Devin and his crew were a pleasure to work with and the end result is the leak was stopped and the wall was repaired to look just like new! I couldn’t be happier with their work.


Debbie – ARUNDEL PROPERTY CARE – 2/05/2019

Wanted to extend our Thank you’s for a job well done at 744 Heather Stone Loop. I know it was a long process and took a few attempts to complete the repairs. But the owner and tenant are both very happy with the end result.

The owner would like to remove the lock box from the front door….but the code has become illegible in my folder and since this project went on for several months, I have forgotten the code. Can you please share the code back? Thank you for your help. Enjoy the rest of your week.


Mike Curtis – SRV – 1/30/2019

Good afternoon Devin, this is Ms. Heath, thank you so much for your consistent Professionalism and care that you have performed in Managing and Mediating the A/C Damage Repairs in my Son’s 1426 Mara Vista Court Condo Repairs that have been neglected by the Condo Association since August, 2018.

Thank You for taking Charge of the Claim Repairs and getting the Repairs completed from the onset of your assignment.

Thank you for going over the Vanity choice and purchasing, etc.

Thank You for going over the living room carpet issues and repair issues as well as going the extra mile to please my Son in making his home as close to whole within the betterment restrictions that you have been given by the Condo Association.

Devin, you have been very helpful in the Mediation of the A/C Damage Repairs.

I look forward to your Plumbing Crew to come tomorrow to install the upstairs Vanity cabinet and to Reset the Sink and toliett between 9am-11:00am .

Again, thank you for taking additional time to tray to match my Son’s living room carpet a little closer.


Mike Curtis – SRV – 3/08/2019

I wanted to take a minute to thank Dustin Thompson and his team for a job well done on making the repairs/restoration to my unit. Both upstairs bathrooms were affected by the roof leak and it certainly wasn’t a simple task. However, Dustin’s team did a remarkable job and it looks better than it did when it was brand new almost 9 years ago. The guys who performed the work were prompt, courteous, skilled, and didn’t leave a mess behind when they finished.


Tom Kammerer – 1/4/2019

Greg! Thank you very much for a job well done, but mostly for your great customer service and follow up. Very Rare now a days!


Ryan – 12/14/2018

Working with North Arundel Contracting was a pleasant experience. They were prompt with their appointment times, and made sure to reach out to me about follow up work in a timely manner. They also explained what needed to be done in an honest and easy to understand way.


C Brady – Community Administrator  

American Community Management


Hi Rodney:

Hope this fines you well.

I wanted to take a moment to reach out and let you know how much assistance Dawn has been in working through an issue with a request for service for a homeowner in Cromwell Fountain.

We are still working to get a tech there, but efforts continue at your end to make contact with the homeowner to set up an appointment.

The ticket was a bit on the older side and we are glad we did reach out for an update.  Dawn was the person who fielded my first call.  She researched the matter in depth, reported her findings back and has maintained excellent follow up techniques on this matter.

All too often, we hear the horror stories, but we all have a habit of forgetting to pass along success stories.

Just like Kimberly, Dawn’s follow up skills and customer service skills deserve to be noted as exceeding the expectations of the customer.  A tip of my hat to both and to you for selecting such great people to represent your company.

Have a wonderful day!



H Rupp – Crofton – 10/09/2018

Devin and NAC Thank you for all the work that was done in a timely manner. We are always happy with the work you do for us.


C VanNetta  09/12/18

I am pleased with the work of NAC lead Devin R, in the restoration of my water damaged basement. During the restoration Devin continually communicated with me about the work being done by continually letting me know who would be accessing my house, what would they be doing and the timeline for the work. As the job drew to a close the team was also responsive to my requests on a few items making multiple trip to my house making sure the finished product made my expectations. I am very grateful for the work done by North Arundel Contracting.


North Arundel Contracting 08/07/2018

I am very pleased with the restoration work that NAC performed on the collapsed ceiling in the master bedroom  in my condominium. The first team led by Frank, that cleaned up the debris and salvaged my belongings, did an excellent job in which I suffered no personal losses and thanks for their quick response.

The second team led by Devin for the repair and restoration did a superb job as well. My master bedroom looks very beautiful.

I definitely will recommend this company to my friends and coworkers and I also plan to contact you for future work as needed. Thanks again for being the light at the end of this dark tunnel.


Y Brown

Kettering, MD


Silas W. LeTellier – 6/04/2018

The demeanor and competency of Mr. Jude and Devin are definite assets for your company.


Cindy – 4/02/2018

I’m very pleased with the outcome of repairs in my master bedroom. Your team was efficient and I was also impressed with no mess!


Beverly W 03/29/18

Dear Greg,

Thank you and your team so much for the good work done in restoring our unit back to normalcy. No matter what problem came up you always had a helpful solution to resolve it. I am especially appreciative of the effort taken in correcting the issue with the kitchen floor. We are pleased with the end result.

Thank you once again.

Beverly & Levi W


Walter S 01/17/18 Catonsville, MD

Nick P. did one great job for me work was done on time and was very professional at his job and presentation.


Janet H 12/15/17

Mike, thank you for your professional survey of our home here at Cromwell Fountain. We appreciate you checking out our windows for moisture and leakage and our insulation concerns. You are an asset to your business. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Terrence P 12/01/2017 Pasadena, Maryland

We called in an emergency service call for water damage and Jude D came in in less than an hour. Our landlord and tenants have had 2 previous plumbers from various companies came out and cut holes in an attempt to solve the same reoccurring issues but ended up with no solution. Moving forward we called another company North Arundel Contracting and Mr. Jude D came in promptly, very polite made the proper assessment and solved the mystery of the water leak. His professionalism prompted me to request the company’s info so that good services like what I received today will be continued to be provided.


Kristen P 11/22/17

We hired North Arundel Contracting when we discovered 2 leaks in our 3 story townhouse. NAC was recommended by our HOA and they contacted very quickly and came for an estimate. The contractor is helpful and honest. Devin R was responsive and courteous. Everything worked well and everyone we worked with was very professional and friendly. We have no issues with repair and will absolutely refer NAC to others.


Amanda P 11/2/17

Thank you again for meeting with me outside of your normal business hours last Thursday 11/2/17. I did not miss too much time away from work and helped facilitate getting the ball rolling on the next steps. I also appreciated you explaining to me the process that goes on after you submit the photos with an estimate on the recommended work. I really appreciated you taking the time explaining to the community management and the condo association as well for a vote and approval. Thanks so much Mike M of North Arundel Contracting.


D Baker

Our insurance company recommended North Arundel Contracting for the restoration after it sustained from the flood. Kevin P managed the whole restoration process. They consulted with us frequently to see that we were satisfied with the work that was done. I can’t thank Kevin enough for his patience, kindness, and the caring person he is. Our home is beautiful and looks like it did before the disaster.


M Smith

I just wanted to know how satisfied I was with the work done on my ceiling on 9/26/17. I know it was a very small job and probably more of a nuisance project than anything you would particularly want to do. I was very impressed by Devin’s dedication to doing the work correctly. In addition he gave me excellent advice about the paints that I should get to paint his work and a portion of the adjacent wall once the plaster had dried. Again, I was very satisfied with the work and the professionalism all around.