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Disaster Recovery Tips for Your Home in Glen Burnie

north arundel contracting disaster recovery

Creating a well-designed disaster recovery plan for your home in Glen Burnie, MD, can make a less stressful aftermath.

Creating a well-designed disaster recovery plan for your home in Glen Burnie, MD, can make a less stressful aftermath. There are no set rules for a disaster recovery plan because each disaster differs. This article explores the primary elements you may want to add to your plan.

Keep an Emergency File in Your Disaster Recovery Plan

Adding an emergency file is vital for a disaster recovery plan. You will need copies of crucial documentation, an inventory of your assets, and receipts for any substantial purchases. In addition, you will need any images of post-disaster damage to file a claim with your insurer. Furthermore, place the emergency file in a fireproof or waterproof container somewhere in your house. It’s also ideal to keep contact information for friends and family, utility companies, and medical providers. Remember to keep the original documents off-site, like a safe deposit box.

Pay Attention to Possible Dangers with a Safety Checklist

At North Arundel Contracting, we understand that you may want to place the disastrous event behind you and return to your home in Glen Burnie. However, you must inspect any possible threats to your safety. You will know what potential dangers to supervise by keeping a checklist to the one below within your disaster recovery plan:

  • Did the exterior of your home experience damage? If so, the interior might also be ruined. North Arundel Contracting can inspect your home for damages.
  • Saggy flooring and a wet ceiling suggest possible structural damage. Until this is addressed, it is unsafe to step inside.
  • Remember to call the local fire department right away if you hear or smell a potential gas leak.
  • Additionally, inspect for any electrical dangers and call a professional electrician to address this major problem.
  • Danger mold might develop if there is a sewage backup or lingering water. So, conduct an inspection and mold remediation right away.
  • North Arundel Contracting can inspect for any evidence of fire damage.

Take Pictures or Videos of Disaster-Related Damage

Take photos or videos of disaster-related damage so you may provide evidence to your insurance claim. Also, contact your provider to notify them of the damages, and they will advise you of upcoming steps to complete. Remember that you will be responsible for preventing more damage to your Glen Burnie property until repairs have been accomplished. Overall, make temporary repairs and keep the receipts of any products you might have purchased.


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